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What can I do, I was hit in the head by a freezer door at a local store and they are ignoring me.

Summerville, SC |

I was reaching in to get yogurts and the door swung back and cracked me in the back of my head. Everyone looked at me and it left a rather large bump on the back of my head. I know it was on camera because it was located right next to the beer and the camera was facing me. I filed an incident report with the manager and was told I would be contacted. I had to contact corp myself and ensure the incident was filed. I had headache for 3 days and am finally over that. The chiropractor documented the large lump on my head and the displacement of my vertebra in the cervical region. What should I do? I dont want to truly sue but I feel I was totally disregarded over the situation and feel that something is due from the company!

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I'm glad that you are OK. If you believe that the door was defective in some way, contact a local lawyer to investigate. If not, simply ask the store for their insurance info, as they may have coverage to pay your medical bills.


This one is a little more difficult. Grocery stores are typically difficult to work with on injury cases. Basically, the law says that grocery stores are responsible for injures for "defective conditions" in their store that they either (1) create themselves or (2) knew or should have known about. From your description, I can't tell what the defective condition was. If the door was somehow defective and that is what caused it to swing back improperly and hit your head, then you still have another hurdle to climb. That hurdle is whether or not the grocery store knew or should have know about the defect(or perhaps they created the defect by not maintaining the door, etc).

I would try asking the corporate office for their insurance carrier. Attempt to negotiate with them directly being kind and respectful. Do not let them take your recorded statement. If that does not work, then consult with an attorney.

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Stores and their parent corporations are in the business of selling product and making a profit, not helping people get money if they are injured. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but it is true. Here is an article about 'slip and fall' injuries, but the same principle applies in your case; negligence must be established in any premises liability case: [Blue-Link-Below]

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They will ignore you until you make a claim. First, I suggest that you need to find out how badly you were hurt. Second, I think you need to contact the competent lawyer the practices within your community. Howard Spiva is an exceptional lawyer who handles head injury cases within your state. If you call him
Please let him know that Sam Coffey referred you. Good luck.


If you have legitmate injuries, treat for them and then seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney in your area. If your injury is minimal, you can try making a claim with the store' insurance company directly (but they often wont be fair with you without an attorney). Good luck.

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premises liability cases such as this can be difficult to prove because the store is not likely to just come out and admit knowledge of a defective condition. You should consult a local board certified personal injury attorney to see if they think your case can be cost-effectively brought and proven.


Be careful about running up a big bill with the chiro. Some chiros will run up ridiculous bills if they smell insurance.

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