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What can I do, I feel my Lawyer ripped me off?

Natrona Heights, PA |

I hired an attorney for a complicated child custody case, he charged me 2K to start, then he filed for litigation in the wrong county (where the child lives as opposed to where the custody hearing to be contested took place) after those proceedings were thrown out, he gave me an oral commitment to a reduced rate in the proper county, 1000 to start again, and he said 500 would get things going, 3 months after I paid him the 500 with still no paper work filed, he informs me he cannot work at that rate as the case is too extensive, and although nothing was filed he did "in office" work and my 500 was non-refundable...also during the wrong county proceedings, he postponed the night before without giving me notice until I called him, he called me by the wrong name when discussing my case, and m

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You can send him a written demand for a refund and if he doesn't reply you can forward your request to the state bar. I'm not sure about PA but in CA the bar has a fee dispute program to assist in cases such as this where the client does not feel like they got their money's worth.



Thank you ...can I fire him and continue with another attorney in a chapter 13 case?


You should start with a written demand letter to the attorney asking for an accounting of all work performed, including work that was done incorrectly.

In Pennsylvania, each county bar assoication has a fee dispute procedure. The link below will point you to the Allegheny County Bar Association fee dispute information.

Licensed in MD, PA and DC. This is not legal advice. I am not your attorney. You should consult with an attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction regarding your specific circumstances.



Nice honest answer.... I see so many attorneys defending the attorney

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