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What can I do?

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My biological father just served my mother with paternity papers. He beats around the bush and plays too many games. He has never been there, but he is the one who insisted on paying child support. He has paid $15.00 maybe three times. I am 17 years old. He says that he is no longer responsible to pay child support and has taken it upon himself to hire a private lawyer. I want to do what I can I'm tired of being used and played like a child. What can I do? Please help me.

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It is very kind for you to help your mom. I admire your courage. Your mother needs to answer the paternity suit. She is the other party in the suit and needs to talk to a lawyer. Tell her to call me for free. I'm happy to talk with her even if she chooses to represent herself. Thanks and stay strong.

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That is unfortunate that after all this time this is happening. It is great that you are wanting to help your mother. Your mother will have to either respond to the paternity suit on her own within 20 days of the date she was served or she will have to hire an attorney to do so. Regardless of the decision she makes, she should at least consult with an attorney that is experienced in family law. Many great attorneys can be found here on Avvo and offer free consultations.

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It is actually a good thing that your father filed paternity papers. Your mom needs to get an attorney, and most cases are resolved without going to trial. In the paternity action, your mom should seek child support.

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