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What can I do?? please help and guide me through it.

Oak Lawn, IL |

Ok my case is very different. I have my house I'm a single mother, I thought that if I rented my basement I would gather some money to do some fixings around my house. I meet these ppl in my kids school which seemed very nice, they said they had just lost their house and needed a temporarly place to stay while they got an apartment because they didn't want to go to a shelter so I told them that I had a basement that was not legal to rent but didn't see harm on letting them stay for a couple of months while they got settled and we had a verbal agreement that they would pay $750 a month and which they agreed to it. I had a fridge and stove that they asked to buy from me I agreed to sell it to them but the appliances were not included on the agreement of the apartment. they never gave me the money for the appliances and only paid 1 month in full and it's on the 4th month that they have not paid and don't want to leave, they are using my tv my table and chairs, fridge and stove. My furnace went out and it has water damage and need to fix it and its very expensive especially not having money for it. it is very cold downstairs and i provided them with a heater but they are using the stove as a source of heat which is very dangerous, my electric and gas bill is very expensive and they are about to be disconnected. they refuse to leave even after I gave them a month notice and a 5 day notice to leave I don't have money for a lawyer and they want to sue us. If they knew from the beginning that the basement was illegal, my question is can I remove my property like stove, fridge, television and table? also they have a 7 year old boy which I think is unfit for him to live like that. No proper heating and have beds on the floor. The man also made life threads and a police report was made. I am now living with my parents out of fear and because if I stay at home my bills will be even higher. I need advice what can I do please I don't want to loose my house for trying to help out this family of four. Nor do I want something happend to us because of that. I want my house back and live like before. I just want them out.

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This is not an immigration question. I have relabeled it as Landlord / Tenant.

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You need to speak to an attorney who deals with landlord/tenant issues. This forum is for basic legal questions and simple answers. You really need much more than can be furnished here. Go see a lawyer.