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What can happen to me or will anything happen?

Blytheville, AR |

I was recently told I would have a warrant for my arrest. A battery charge of the 3rd degree was filled on me. This has been at least 6 months ago when this girl was threatening me and is just now being dealt with.. I'm not exactly sure how a person can get me for battery if there is no proof that I was the person whom attacked her. I have witnesses saying I never touched her. As far as I know she has nothing on me. Will I have to go to court/jail etc? I'm just clueless when it comes to being in trouble.

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Yes, you can get charged. Many if not most charges start as he said/ she said. Proving you did not do something is impossible, because you don't have an alibi for every second of every day. it's the State that has to prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt though, and once you see the allegations you can see if you have an alibi and get an attorney to argue your side of the story.

What you need to do is figure out what your bail bond is. Bonds are refundable if you put 100% down and then comply with the court, but if you only put 10% down (plus a bondsman fee) they are NOT. You can have your bond all lined up when you turn yourself in to avoid jail time. In Arkansas, us Attorneys are not allowed to be bondsman - if we were I would be one.

If you don't have prior convictions your bond won't be that high. I cannot really provide an estimate on Avvo, but many attorneys including myself offer Free Consultations. You can hire an attorney before you turn yourself in and know you are represented. Battery 3rd is a misdemeanor, but since it is a violent crime there are good reasons to pay an attorney to try and avoid the conviction. Good luck.

We are expressly not creating an attorney client privilege. While I am a criminal defense attorney, I am just speaking in general about the law in Arkansas and not your specific situation. I am not providing advice, I am just assessing a situation. If you are facing charges then you need to consult a professional.