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What can happen to me if I faked a client's signature on a Social Services Quarterly Report?

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I work as a case manager and my job is to help clients complete their QR7 Report (quarterly report) for Social Services (California). I receive the reports, fill them out, have clients sign them and mail them to Social Services. I had a client whose report was past due and he was in danger of losing his benefits, but he was not available for a signature. So I wrote his name in the signature line. Turns out I filled out the report wrong and reported an income that he did not get. He went to Social Services recently and they showed him the report and the "signature". He's understandably upset because he didn't get his benefits, so my agency is covering the cost. But what will happen to me? I won't get fired, but can the client sue me even when he receives the money from my agency?

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If your question encompasses whether you face criminal liability, you could potentially be charged with forgery, which can be as a misdemeanor or a felony, or possibly perjury for falsifiying a signature to facts under penalty of perjury. As to the employment ramifications, I cannot say, and as to whether he has a civil cause of action against you, you would need to repost under the civil forum, because as as a government employee you may enjoy some immunities,but I do not know if signing is considered to be within your scope of duties. Also, it sounds like he has not damages because he is being made whole.

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