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What can happen to a person who is charged with retail theft over 200.00 but has never commited any crime in the past in kane co

Naperville, IL |

What happens when a person is charged with retail theft over 200.00 but has never before commited any crime or has a record in kane county illinois.

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A lot depends upon the judge but you really should be able to get supervision without too much problem, even in Kane County.

Good luck and feel free to call if you have questions. 773.944.9737.


I would add that you should look for an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you get the best outcome possible. I usually suggest hiring someone who appears often in the courthouse where your case is being heard. If you need further guidance, or if you would like a referral to an experienced Kane County criminal defense attorney, feel free to give me a call. 1-800-517-1614.


I would DEFINITELY retain a criminal defense attorney. Because of the dollar amount you are being accuse of taking you MAY be facing felony charges.

A felony charge can disqualify you from many types of employment and can have life long repercussions.