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What can happen in my situation

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i have a misdemeanor case i declared myself no content and it motion to revoke my felony probation its my 1st felony charge its a 2 or 3rd degree felony now my attorney filed a motion for a new ttrial or hearing to try and dismiss my misdemeanor charge which is a false police report class b misdemeanor now i have court for sentencing on my felony court but i was advised my attorney will be out of town and my misdemeanor is still pending trial/hearing what will happen in my felony court thats up for sentencing will i go to jail? i did get locked up for d motion to revoke and i was placed on house arrest by the judge in the felony court currently on a plea to d judge because d prosecutor offered 4yrs

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You could go to prison for up to ten or twenty years, depending on whether it's a 2nd or 3rd degree. Call your attorney and ask him what is going on with your court dates!

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What can happen...Bad things! You need to keep in contact with your lawyer and from here on in not do anything without your lawyer knowing it. No pleas, no speaking to cops...nothing! Sounds like your lawyer is doing all he or she can to defend you. If they are out of town then your case will be rescheduled. Nothing is going to happen without your lawyer present. Now that lawyer needs your help, stay out of trouble, comply with the terms of your bond/probation.


You have a defense lawyer. This very detailed question asks for specific advice about your situation, which is not part of what avvo offers. Avvo is for general legal information. You really need to have a long talk with your defense lawyer and go over all these concerns and questions that you have.

Answers on Avvo are for general information purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice. No attorney / client relationship is created by providing this answer. For specific advice about your situation, you should consult a competent attorney of your choosing.