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What can happen if I get charged with petty thief? I stole something worth $3.50 and its my first offense.

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Right now, the store knows nothing about me, except they know what I look like due to the cameras. I was about to steal a protein bar worth $3.50. But I didn't. The clerk came up to me and told me to show her my pockets, but she found nothing cause I took it out before hand. I went up to the desk and bought the same bar I was about to steal. What are my possible consequences? Should I just wait for the police to get me? The lady said they're pressing charges and I'm scared to death. Should I live life normally until something happens? What are the chances that the police will come get me? I just turned 18 too

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Probably not.

STOP THINKING ABOUT STEALING. That will usually decrease your misplaced attempts at stealing, and is pretty much guaranteed to stop any criminal charges for stealing. If you need motivation to not steal watch Les Miserables or something.

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I have a question, if the police were to pursue these charges, how long would it take for them to have found me? There's only one HS in the area, so it would be pretty easy for them to go to the school say "Have you seen him" and get my address. Additionally, about how long would it take till you would consider I am safe from the police? A week, a month? This event happened almost 3 days ago, and nothing has happened except worry and anxiety. I know if I go back to the store they will call the police, but if I never went back, how long until I can say "Alright, nothing is going to happen. I can finally stop being so worried."



Also, I've learned my lesson and I swear ill never steal again. I'm never gonna go through this living hell I am going through again


I understand you are anxious, but you already asked a similar question and received a good response.

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I'm sorry about the spam of questions, I'm just extremely worried and terrified of what will happen

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