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What can happen at a DCF shelter / potential dependency hearing?

Port Charlotte, FL |

My 4 month old fell out of his swing and after taking him to the ER doctor and dealing with dcf I now have court summons for a "dependency arraignment" I just feel like they are jumping down my throat trying to find a excuse to take my kids because Im a young mom of 21 with a 2 year old and a 4 month old who has a full schedule with work. My kids are happy and dont lack for anything, I just dont know what to do!!

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You will need an experienced attorney by your side for this case. Dependency cases are very different from anything you may have experienced previously, if at all.
Generally, the shelter hearing is an opportunity for the Judge to review the submitted hearsay evidence and review if it rises to the level necessary that shelter is necessary to protect the child(ren)'s health safety and welfare. It is a long process to vindicate yourself once the case has started. Again, do not handle this yourself. You need an attorney by your side.