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What can be done when Pierce County Sheriff refuses to identify an officer and his assistant in a sexual assault complaint?

Graham, WA |

I believe Detective Bensen was who molested a lady by groping her crotch and breasts a few months ago. This started by an unmarked car driving up into the driveway and a man in plane clothes getting out asking a lady if she was armed. This was not a 911 call or a dispatched or court order issue. The detective demanded the lady to stand for search. After this was done and she was released she came crying and explaining a man felt her up. She called 911 to report this and dispatch refused to take this as a complaint and turned it over to a Sgt. No one would identify the men who were there. We called the feds to find out. Same story went to them and the feds replied back with it was their duty. We believe it was Detective Bensen of Pierce County Sheriff who did it what do we do?

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Ask for the appointment of a private investigator. |

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File a public disclosure request. Make sure all your commumications to government agencies are in writing. Contact the department of Justice. Pierceay currently be under investigation for a pattern of violating civil rights.



How do I file a public disclosure request? I am not familiar with this kinda stuff.


I agree a public disclosure statement request is a good way to go but a private investigator is easier on you but cost money to retain.