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What can be done to stop a family member from calling in false reports to NJ DYFS?

Clark, NJ |

I am a single mother of 1 child & have chose not to have a relationship with my mother, who is a LCSW, for over 6 years. In 9/2010, after a verbal argument on the phone, she called DYFS and made a complaint that I was intoxicated (since she knows I am a recovering alcoholic), child abuse and the like. In 11/2010, I received a letter from DYFS stating that the allegations were "unfounded" & case closed. Well, here we are in 4/2011, and again, after a phone message I left her expressing my disgust that it was her that called DYFS, she again called DYFS with the exact same allegations, along with now filing a complaint against the then (and now present) caseworker stating that she did not do her job. SHe is using her LCSW as a weapon against family members who want nothing to do with her.

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This is a really problematic situation. Courts are loathe to do anything which would scare people away from reporting abuse or neglect. The best you can do is to cooperate with DYFS, remind them of the prior false allegations, and clarify to them the nature of your relationship with your mother. It really is sad that your mother would do this if the allegations are merely a way to hurt you, because they end up hurting the children.



Robert, thank you so much for your reply. I have in the past and will currently cooperate with DYFS. I was placed thru random alcohol screening tests, etc. My mother knows that this is a disease and that I also suffered a nervous breakdown back in 2004. She is now using that against me. I continue my treatment with my psychologist and psychiatrist, even though I am basically going broke in doing so. She also knows that I am permenantly disabled by the SSA and still continues to cause me grief, havoc, worries and the like. I completed a detailed complaint to the Board of LCSW back in 10/2010, but never mailed it on the advice of my attorney. I have now given the DYFS caseworker copies of that complaint along with numerous other emails wherein I advise my mother to stop the harassment, anonymous letters to me, etc. I am at a loss ... she should be held accountable for the 2 false accusations she made against me, i.e. she should repay the State of NJ all the money it expended for all of the time, tests, ect. She should know better. I phones my former boss, a politician, to find out how to begin the process of changing the law re: ANONYMOUS phone calls to DYFS which end up UNFOUNDED ... I'm sorry, if and when I have to call the police, I state my name. DYFS allows people to harm another without reprecussion and, in my opinion, she should lose her LCSW status immediately. Thanks again and thanks for listening to me.



My mother does the same thing this is the third time there must be some way to stop false allegations


There is no way to stop someone from making reports to DYFS.

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