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What can be done if my fiance has been arrested and is being charged with illegal entry into the U.S and currently is in custody

Irvine, CA |
Attorney answers 1


Hi, More information is needed to accurately answer the question. The best first step is for him to retain the assistance of an expert in removal defense immediately. To determine what options are available, that attorney would need to know a lot more. For example, what country is he from? Does he have any other arrests or convictions? Was he ever deported or removed before? Was he ever refused entry to the USA? Exactly how did he enter the USA? Has he ever tried to legalize his status? Have his parents ever tried to legalize their status? Are his parents US citizens or residents? And more. As you can probably tell, there is no simple yes or no answer to your question. If anyone tells you otherwise they are not truly providing you with good information.

Good Luck,