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What can a patient do about grossly inaccurate medical records?

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Had an adverse reaction to treatment at hospital. 7 doctors seen afterward say treatment was not needed. When contacting hospital, they said "well, there was no deviation of standard of care according to our review of your medical records." So I filled out paperwork, paid money, waited 3 weeks, and finally received my medical records equipped with doctor notes. And they're wrong! The misdiagnosing's doctors notes is half a page and my complaint takes up 6 words at the very end. Also the forms that I filled in at my doctor's office describing my problem show a very different patient history than what my doctor recorded. So according to his notes, his treatment plan is merited but not according to the truth which is what I told him and wrote down. Like facing a wall.

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The hospital defendant would not be determining a breach of the standard of care, an expert retained by a local malpractice lawyer in your state would, thus, retain a local lawyer to get your records properly reviewed. Good luck.

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I agree with Mr. Lassen. I would strongly suggest that you hire a local attorney to represent you and advocate on your behalf. I hope you found my answer helpful.


Medical records that don't accurately record a patient's complaints are an obstacle to a successful medical malpractice claim, but the obstacle can be overcome in the right case. The first thing you need to prove is a serious permanent injury. If you have not sustained such an injury, there is little chance you will find a lawyer interested in handling your case.

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