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What can a former mgr within the same company tell a new hiring mgr about my past employment?

Milwaukee, WI |

I was laid off by a company due to restructure. I was asked to reapply by a mgr at a different location, which I did and subsequently interviewed for. I was then told that they spoke to multiple people about my past work behavior and it was extremely negative so they were not going to hire me. They did not contact references I gave them and what they were told is slanderous and defaming as I was never disciplined or shown any documentation stating I had negative behavior. Is there any legal recourse for me to take action so that my character is no longer being defamed?

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It is unclear from the information that you provided whether or not you will have a viable claim for defamation or other related claims. I would recommend that you contact an employment attorney to fully evaluate your situation as these types of claims are very fact intensive. Be prepared to explain to the attorney what specifically was said about you, why it is untrue, to whom it was communicated and how it has caused you damages. Good luck.