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What can a 17 year old do in the state of Illinois?

Homewood, IL |

I'm turning 17 in January and I still can't wait for my 18th birthday. So, I was wondering what a 17 year old can do. I'm talking about like wether or not I can get a credit card, a bank account ect.

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So, the bad news, which to be honest is not bad at all: You cannot get a credit card. The good news: You can eat an entire large pizza in one sitting and still lose weight.

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Judy A. Goldstein

Judy A. Goldstein


Great answer!

Thomas O. Moens

Thomas O. Moens


Thank you. I must be hungry. Or bitter about not being able to eat an entire large pizza in one sitting.


Generally for contract law, you need to be 18 to enter into any financial agreements or apply for credit cards as a 17 year old minor's contracts will not be deemed valid.
If you truly want to responsibly use a credit card, ask your parents to add you as a co-signer on one of their existing cards and bank accounts with a debit card, etc.

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As adult as you may feel, in the eyes of the w, you are still a juvenile (with few exceptions by court order) until you attain the age of 18. Any contract you enter into is voidable. No credit card company will issue you a card - and you should not lie or the card will be revoked for perjury or fraud. Hang in there. You have more years to be an adult than you ever had to be a child. Enjoy these years. You will never get them back.

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