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What behavior is considered harassment from an ex-spouse?

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My ex and I have joint custody of our two children. He changes visitation times on a whim and often insists on picking up or dropping off the kids during times when I am working. If I can't accommodate his schedule, he threatens to take me to court (and has done so 4 times, trying to get custody). He accuses me of neglect because my kids missed a sports practice when I couldn't get them there, and other petty issues. He calls me a b***** in emails or on the phone when I don't give in to his demands. I work full time and take online classes at night. I make barely enough to live even with child support and can't afford more attorney fees (I'm still paying attorney fees from the last time he took me to court). His income is almost twice mine, so he can afford frivolous lawsuits! Help!

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You can argue that the above behavior is harassment from your ex. You could file a Rule to Show Cause against your ex and describe to the court what actions he is taking against you. If your situation financially has changed since the Final Judgment you should also consider Modifying Child Support. The Child Support is for the children and is to assist you in raising them. If your ex's salary has increased since the Final Judgment you can address that as well.

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