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What attorney is willing to step in at pre trial stage of case? two felony counts of pwid ''marijuana'' only 33 grams

Mechanicsburg, PA |

police all of a sudden are trying to enhance two year mandatory school zone. the thing is i can get them something they want very badly ''glock 40 pistol'' and want to cut a deal,but my public defender is not doing what i am asking...basically not aggressive at all. i'm looking for an attorney who can step in at this point and work hard for this deal. i've already spent 186 days in jail before posting bail and want time served plus i'll get them the gun back.

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You should contact the bar association in your area. But first, you need to find out why the PD disagree with your instructions. They may have their reasons and it is important to know what the reasons are.


I'd be willing to take a look at your case, but you should definitely get on the same page with your PD first.


You are posting information on a public website that causes me concern under the circumstances. You need to talk privately and confidentially with counsel experienced in handling drug cases. Most of us here, myself included, will talk with you without charge. Take advantage of that and post no more anywhere on the Internet, including social media. Before anyone considers assisting law enforcement, a solid determination of the strength of the Commonwealth's case has to be undertaken. That process can not be accomplished here, nor should it.


Stop posting admissions on the Internet! Consult with and retain an attorney immediately since you are not satisfied with your free counsel.

The information provided in response to the question posted is not nor is intended to be legal advice. You should consult with and retain an attorney to review all of the facts of your situation. No attorney-client relationship is established through questions and responses on

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