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What attorney do I need to hire to close and expunge a case with Interpol-Washington DC?

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I have an open case that was put in the system by a corrupt Eastern European prosecutor, who was later arrested by the equivalent of SWAT there for bribery. I have a letter from the ministry of Justice there confirming that I am not wanted. I also have another letter from another prosecutor overseas saying that any warrants have been removed. Long story short, I want the records closed with Interpol Washington DC and my rights such as second amendment ones reinstated. I have been a lawful permanent resident since 2009 and fed up with this nonsense.
What attorney do I need to hire to close this? I have the overseas paperwork apostiled and translated.

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Interpol cases require an attorney with expertise dealing with foreign governments. I personally do not take on those cases, though I do know an attorney with that type of practice. It would be inappropriate for me to make any specific recommendation in this forum, however.

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International law attorney.


You might call the Federal PD's office in your area and ask if they can suggest someone to you.

The link to their website is:

I hope this has been helpful and wish you good luck.

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I would contact Jonathan Blecher personally and ask him who he knows that would handle this case. I have a feeling they are not many lawyers in this area that would take on such a case, but there might be some in Washington DC.

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Interpol is based on Lyon, France, but Interpol doesn't charge, so you will need to look, as well, to the law of the charging jurisdiction. You will almost certainly need professional assistance.