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What asset protection measures should be taken when someone has been charged with murder 1 in Arkansas?

Little Rock, AR |

concerned the personal umbrella insurance policy in place for the family will not cover the event due to the criminal charge.

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You're correct in thinking that, if you are convicted of murder, your insurance will not cover you for any civil liability for damages arising under the acts that led to the charge.

However, as far as asset protection goes this is not something that can be answered in a general question forum and you will need to sit down with an attorney that has expertise in this area. In order to advise you the attorney will need to know the details of your assets, and you will also need to avoid doing anything that would be considered by the courts to be a fraudulent transfer.

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I agree with the previous post - you need to sit down with an attorney that has expertise in this area. That attorney should be able to tell you what can be done and give you options for doing it, if any exist.

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Murder, like any assaultive crime, is an intentional act. Insurance is for asset protection in negligence cases. As suggested, the accused should discuss the issue with counsel. He/she may need the advice of both a criminal defense attorney and a civil liability attorney.

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