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What are your options when faced with a reckless conduct ticket? I have a DUI from 2 years ago as well.

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Your immediate course of action is to enter a plea of not guilty to the charge.

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Your immediate task is to appear at arraignment, at which time you will plead 'not guilty.' This will get you set down on a trial calendar, usually within the next month or so, depending upon your jurisdiction. You should retain an attorney to represent you before your next court date, which will be your calendar call. Your attorney should receive the discovery in your case prior to calendar call, although the State id not legally obligated yo provide discovery to your attorney until ten (10) days prior to jury selection. Upon receipt of discovery, which is the evidence the State says they will present st trial to prove your guilt, your attorney will go through gout discovery to determine possible defended to your charge(s), along with potential harmful issues in your case. Your attorney will attempt to get your case dismissed or dead docketed based upon any lack of credible, admissible evidence. If that doesn't work, your attorney will attempt to get you the best possible plea offer he can negotiate on your behalf. If the final offer is something with which you cannot live, you will proceed to trial and assert a defense to the claims of the State.

Keep in mind, I know nothing about your case other than what you have written here. Having said that, it seems that your defended would be based upon a lack of criminal conspiracy between the people on your boat who committed these acts, including but not limited to a lack of knowledge


You may have defenses to this charge. A good attorney can explore all the available options with you but would need more inforamtion to give your case a full evaluation. If you are on probation currently on either of the DUIs there could also be serious fall-out in the form of a probation violation which could result in your immediate arrest and detention for up to 45 days until you are brought before a judge. Seeking the advice of a great attorney is key.


Your options are to accept the charge (pay the fine), which will most likely be a misdemeanor, or contest the charges in court. Reckless conduct is not the same as reckless driving. Reckless conduct is essentially showing an indifference to the safety of others and lack of consideration for their welfare. Reckless conduct can be a number of things and is not necessarily a moving violation.

Reckless driving is a moving violation and occurs when the indifference is shown while driving a vehicle. Reckless driving is a misdemeanor with a maximum punishment of a $1,000 fine and 12 months in jail.

If you would like to contest the charge, you should get the assistance of a qualified, local criminal attorney who can get more information on the circumstances and the charge. Please feel free to call us at (404) 287-2393 for a full consultation.

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