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What are your options if you overstay your visa? Can i get a State ID? Sponsored for a job? Legal status without marriage?

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I came to the US in 1998 on a visitors visa. I was 14 at the time & it was my mother's decision to let me stay. I'm now 25 and i'm still in the same position. I was able 2 finish college & got my BA degree, But now i feel stuck and lost. i can't get a state ID, i don't know where to look for a job cuz i don't have a SSN & i wanna go back 2 school for my masters but can't . I don't even realy date b/cuz i'm a lil embarrassed about my situation and i dont want the guy 2 think that i'm only interested in "getting my papers" Am i eligible for a state ID?, what are my options for work? Is my only chance of becoming a perm resident gettin married? (my bro is a perm resident)

My mother does have an application filed with the immigration service, but currently has no status(it's taking an eternity) I'm not really sure if she'll be able to file for me though considering the fact that i'm over 18 and i'm already in the country. My brother became a perm resident by gettting married, he's been married for a few years now

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Did your parents ever file any application with the Immigration Service or the Department of Labor when they were in the US? What is your mother's status now? How did your brother become a permanent resident? You should speak with an immigration attorney to determine any options you may have available to you.