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What are you facing as a 1st time offender accused of 2925.11(a)?

Cleveland, OH |

possesion of crack cocaine in the amount of less than 1 gram

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Possession of less than a gram of crack without any speicifications is a Felony in the 5th degree. The maximum punishement is 1 year prison sentence and $2,500 fine. If you have a drug problem you may be eliegible for ILC- Intervention In Lieu of Conviction. In essence you recieve treatment and if successful the Felony goes away as though it never existed.


In addition to the punishments listed by the prior attorney, you are also potentially facing a driver's license suspension and if you are professional holding a license (doctor, pharmacist) you must comply with the reporting provisions under ORC 2925.38.

Hire counsel early in the process.