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What are WI state divorce laws if one spouse is cheating?

Hartford, WI |

If one spouse is cheating, how does this affect the divorce? Are there any specific laws in WI?

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In most states (I am not certain about Wisconsin), assets are distributed "equitably" and without consideration as to fault.

Adultery may be difficult to prove, but is certainly grounds to grant a divorce. Most judges will not distribute more assets to the faithful spouse.


Wisconsin is a "no fault" state. As a result, if the marriage is irretrievably broken, the court will seek to divide the parties' assets as equitably as possible without regard to whether or not your spouse cheated on you.


Adultry is typically irrelevant under Wisconsin's no fault divorce laws, as stated above. However, the following articles might be useful to you:


Wisconsin is a no fault divorce state. The only reason for divorce is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Infidelity may sometimes be a factor in a custody/placement situation if there is an impact on the children. If there are no children, the fact that one person is unfaithful is not relevant or admissible in court.