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What are ways that a person can be 'served' as restraining order?

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the cops have tired 3 times to serve my ex boyfriend a RO. he has evaded each time by hiding in his house and not answering the gate to be let in. i am having my friend try now and am wondering if they knock on the door and they can see him come to the window but wont answer the door, and they state they are there to serve him the RO, does that count? or does he need to open the door? also if they call him to answer the door, and he answers the phone, but not the door, can they slide it under the door or tape it to the front door, would that count as being served?

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Restraining Orders must be personally served. Your situation is not uncommon. If you cannot get him served, you will have to get the restraining order reissued, get a new court date, and keep on trying.
There is some case law that service is complete with voice contact, but you may have to argue that to a Judge. Best thing is to get him personally served by a Registered Process Server or the Police.

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