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What are Utah laws regarding libel and slander

Kanarraville, UT |

A soon to be ex member of my extended family has recently filed a protective order against my husband. In it she requested that DCFS be contacted to look into child abuse. My step children do not reside with us and have never been abused. Additionally several months ago, she wrote an accusitory letter in which she stated that she thought he has Narcissistic personality disorder amongst other comments. she mailed this letter to 4 people after placing a copy in our mail box. My husband has had no conact with this woman since that date at her request on 7-27-08, yet she filed a protection order against him, and made statement thatcould affect his custody of his children and his job (he works with troubled youth) Is there a case here and how do we persue it. Thank you for your time.

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