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What are the Texas attendance laws when a student is attending a PHP for suicide threats?

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Our daughter missed 2 weeks of school while attending a PHP program at a local hospital. She was placed in the program for depression, anxiety and threatening suicide. The school has received the paperwork for attendance and we have started the 504 process. The school is saying that she must complete all work by June 22. The Algebra tutor cannot work with her until June 20 and it will take about 2 weeks to prepare her for the final. What are our options?

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Yours is not an attendance issue. While 25.085 of the Education Code requires compulsory attendance, 25.086 exempts a child who has a physical or mental condition of a temporary and remediable nature that makes this child's attendance infeasible. You do not provide specifics as to how the Algebra tutor figures into either her temporary disability or a 504 plan. Under 29.084, if your daughter is likely to fail the class, the school may have to provide her with tutoring, and should not be able to fail her due to its inability to provide the tutor. Under 29.088 your school district may be obligated to provide a summer program to your daughter. There also may be a virtual program in which your daughter can participate. Finally, there are any number of online resources that provide tutoring, and brick and mortar sites such as Sylvan, Huntington, Kumon etc.

This is general information and should not be construed as legal advice. Without knowing the specifics of your situation and engaging in an attorney-client relationship I am unable to provide specific direction.

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