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What are the steps to getting a protective order in Texas and is it best to hire a lawyer to help me with the process?

San Antonio, TX |

I have been receiving threatening phone calls, texts, stalking, and vandalizing my home for the last month. I have saved all documentation, messages, and taken pictures of the vandalism.

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Your first step is to call the police. You need to be persistent talk to a detective as soon as your case is assigned one. If you had a dating relationship and there was family violence you can go to the District Attorney’s Office or the County Attorney’s office in your county and they can file a protective order on your behalf. If there was no dating or family relationship you can hire an attorney. The Attorney can send the perpetrator a Cease and Desist warning and a Criminal Trespass Warning. If the conduct continues a civil restraining order can be filed. If he violates the order the Judge could then hold him in contempt and place him in jail or fine him. I suggest you go to the police and the County or District Attorney first as this costs you no money.


Contact the police. Then contact the district attorney's office. They can help you file the protective order.
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