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What are the statute of limitations on conspiracy to commit a common law robbery in north carolina?

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North Carolina only provides a Statute of Limitations for misdemeanors, not felonies, under G.S. 15-1. Common Law Robbery is a Class G Felony (G.S. 14-87.1). A person is guilty of Common Law Robbery who: (1) commits a larceny (2) from the person or from the person's presence (3) by violence or intimidation.


The statute of limitations applies to the amount of time a person can be charged with a crime, not how long the state has to prosecute a person who has already been charged. It can be continued as many times as the judge will allow.


1. There is no statute of limitations for felonies in North Carolina.

2. The statute of limitations does not apply for cases where the State has taken out process. There is no statutory limitations on how many continuances are available. There is no speedy trial act in North Carolina. The only limitation is the federal constitution, and years can pass before that would be an issue.

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