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What are the statute of limitations in Family Courts? or in all other Civil Courts?

Norristown, PA |

What are the statute of limitations in Family Courts? or in all other Civil Courts?
Montgomery County, PA

Please let me know, and include your contact info.

Thank you.

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I am not a PA lawyer, but here is a good site with the info you seek.


SOL's are distinguished by the subject matter (i.e. personal injury SOL is different from SOL for oral contract) moreso than by the court.

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SOL depends on a cause of action, not the court.

Lidia Alperovich


I will just add to the other answers that many Family Court cases don't really have statutes of limitations. If there's something bad going on within a custody case, for example, you can go back into court at any time. If you got a court order that is being violated, then you can go back to court for contempt no matter how old the order is. If you got a decision that you didn't like in support or equitable distribution, then there are appeal periods after the various stages of hearing, and they are much shorter than the statutes of limitations. I hope this helps. It would be easier to know how to advise you if we knew more about the specifics of the case.

Rochelle S. Rabin
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