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What are the statue of limitations for a debt collector to sue you for the original debt incurred, in Michigan?

Southfield, MI |

if there is a judgment against me , can they take unsecured personal property like paid for furniture , clothes , and the only t . v . I have ?

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Generally the statute of limitations is 6 years from when the debt was incurred.. HOWEVER if there is already a judgment against you the judgment is good for 10 YEARS FROM THE DATE OF THE JUDGMENT. Further the judgment can be renewed to make it even longer.

Certain property is exempt and it is unlikely that they will take furnature, clothes, tv etc. contact a bankruptcy attorney if you have any problems..

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Once a judgment has been entered, you ae passed the point of raising the defense of a statute of limitations. If you do not raise a defense with your first responsive pleading, it is considered waived. Michigan's law on what is exempt from levy is MCLA 600.6023. I have provided a link to the Legislature's web site so you can type in the statute (just the number part) and look at what is exempt. Included are household goods and furnishings; other categories exist for other items that may apply to you. Good luck!