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What are the specific requirements and prerequisites for a company to file new Hobs or HOB transfers ?

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Our company has been established in 2009 and providing Information Technology consulting service to many clients.

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Specific requirements can be found by visiting It will leave you with a lot of questions. Often, many more than you have had before the visit. However, it does list the specific requirements.
Alternative would be seeking a consultation with an immigration attorney and going over this process in a detailed and fact-specific manner. I hope your company can afford the consultation because if it cannot, it will be very unlikely that it would be able to bring anyone in on H1B visa.


Here are the requirements and pre-requisites for filing an approvable H-1B petition:

1. The job offer must be for a "professional" position, one whose job duties are so complex that they require someone with at least a Bachelor's university degree to perform them;

2. The diploma/degree of the foreign national beneficiary must be in the same field as the job offered.

3. The employer must be willing to pay the "prevailing wage" as determined by DOL for the position.

4. while the job can be either a full or part time position, the foreign national employee must be on the EMPLOYER'S official payroll, no 1099s allowed.

These are the requirements in a nutshell. Often the battle" with USCIS centers around whether the job duties are really "professional" and truly necessitate someone with a university degree, and also whether the employer can "justify" such a position.

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If you are referring to H-1Bs, see link below.

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