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What are the roles of American Medical Association?

Sacramento, CA |

Do they actually have power and authority over private doctors or doctors who work as the hospital employees? If they are booted out from the association, can they still practice medicine. If American Medical Association considered government regulatory organization?

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AMA is not a regulatory or licensing agency. Membership is strictly voluntary. Many of its purposes are political or policy-directive. Positions adopted by AMA are often persuasive to the medical field, including state licensing agencies, but only that.

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The AMA does not issue licenses to practice medicine. It is not a government or regulatory agency. It is a voluntary membership organization. A doctor can apply for membership, and as long as he meets the AMA's standards for joining, he or she should be accepted. Being booted out from the AMA will have no impact on your license, by itself, and there could be many reasons that have nothing to do with your qualifications as a doctor that could cause you to lose your AMA membership.