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What are the rights of the non-custodial parent to see our children outside of the designated visitation times?

Mcdonough, GA |

I am the custodial parent. And my ex-husband frequently wants to visit our children at school, talk to their teachers and demand things of the teachers. There is a docuemtned history of domestic violence. He makes our children uncomfortable when he arrives at the school unannounced. I need to know what rights he has to come to the school outside of the regular visitation schedule that is detailed in our divorce decree. What are his rights when it comes to talking to teachers, requesting conferences and getting school records?

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What does your divorce decree (or any later modification of it) say? If educational decisions and related matters are not included, then your ex-husband probably has the same rights to go to his children's school, access his children's school records, and talk to his children's teachers as you do, unless any other court order or law that prevents him from being near his children, visiting his children without supervision, or being near or at the school.

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