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What are the requirements I need to meet in order for my husband-to-be to gain citizenship?

Los Angeles, CA |

I am a U.S. citizen and just had a baby with my boyfriend who is from Argentina. He was previously married however they got a divorce after 1 1/2 years. His temporary residence will run out next year, and he cannot obtain certain forms that are required from the gov't such as mortgage, bank account statements, etc. Now I know that he can obtain a citizenship or at least extended residency through marriage with me, but what are the requirements that I have to meet for this? I know that there are forms to fill out, but since I will be technically sponsoring him, do I have to make a certain amount of money, have bank accounts (I currently do not have a bank account), or anything else in particular?

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From your description, it appears he may have gained Conditional Lawful Permanent Resident status from his his previous spouse and such status is set to expire next year.

His options will be to proceed with removing the conditions by filing Form I-751 or filing for Adjustment of Status again based on his marriage to you. The financial questions you ask are issues that typically can be resolved through a co-sponsor, if needed. An attorney can guide you through the chosen process and explain to you further all requirements. I strongly recommend you and your husband-to-be consult with an attorney, and considering hiring one to resolve his immigration matter.

Mario S. Zapata, Esq.