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What are the regulations for the speed bump in a private property?

Vestal, NY |

I was in an apartment complex to find a place to live next semester. This place recently made around 8 speed bumps in their area and I did not have any problem passing all of them but the last one. That one was little higher than the other ones. Now my car is in garage and got a $1200 quote for replacing parts. I talked to the landlord about this and she was saying that it is not their fault and no reason to reimburse the damage. Also saying that I should not be passing the road since I dont live there. Is there any regulation on speed bumps in a private property? Is it something the owner of the property should reimburse the damage? I took photos of car and the speed bump that got me damaged. No other speed bumps had scratches but only the last one has so many scratches from other cars.

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The answer is "it depends" . You should take pictures of, and measure the height of all the speed bumps.and then visit a local negligence attorney. It may be your damages are not enough to warrant an attorney taking your case on, but they may be willing to give you some free advice. If an attorney says yes, you may have a case, but it's too small, then take it to small claims court.

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