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What are the pros and cons of putting the title of my car in a trust---or is that even necessary in California?

El Toro, CA |

My question is, should I put the title of my car in a trust?

Couldn't I just have the title of the trust changed to read ---""Jane Doe (and/or) John Doe""---and accomplish the same thing in California?

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I don't generally advise CA clients to put a car in a Trust just because it is so easy to transfer title with DMV. Everything else should fund the Trust but, unless it is for creditor protection purposes, I don't see the need to title every car in the Trust. As you see here, opinions vary.

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You could put your car title in a trust in CA. Then your child/grandchild/POSSLQ could sell it with joint title, and you would have no remedy.

Why not put them on your checking account, house, and financial accounts, too? You don't put the title of your car in a trust that because you want to control your affairs while you are alive, and let someone else control your affairs after you are not. The Trust is a good vehicle for that, but only if you use it. The Trust is pretty weak if it has no assets for the successor to manage. If your Trust is written well, everything will end up there eventually, but it is more work for someone else on the back end. Do the legwork, reap the benefits, and relax.

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I routinely advise my clients to title each car in the name of the person who most frequently drives that car. In Michigan It isn't terribly difficult to transfer a vehicle after death. So keeping the vehicle in an individual name isn't an issue here. Check with your DMV to see if they have a simple out-of-court procedure to transfer a vehicle to a surviving spouse or heir.

There are risks involved with joint names on vehicles. It can put the non-driver co-owner in the position of being a defendant in an injury lawsuit. If the driver is the only owner, then he/she will be the sole defendant. If other assets, like real estate, are title jointly with the spouse (tenants by the entireties) they could be protected from execution on judgment. That is the law here in Michigan. Check with an attorney in your state.

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