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What are the Penalties of 18 Pa. CS§4904 relating to unsworn falsification to authoritie

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this is why I ask I have an upcoming support hearing, her statement for the new hearing is as follows
her SSD had been reducd (which it has not) she's paying all the medical bills (she is not, infact she withheld them from me till recently) insurance isn't covering anything ( until recently I have some of the bills showing that my insurance is indeed paying out and covering her)

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It sounds more as if you want to know what happens if this other person commits perjury while testifying at a support hearing. These cases are notoriously tough to get prosecuted. First you would need for the hearing to be recorded by a Court Reporter and transcribed to get anyone in law enforcement's interest. If you or your attorney catches the other person in a lie often the best result you will see is a ruling in your favor and the Court looking upon the other person with a suspicious eye in the future.

My guess is that if the other person were so prosecuted they would probably see probation.

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