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What are the penalties for welfare fraud in Michigan

Owosso, MI |

A woman moved in with my elderly father who was suffering from beginning alzheimers. While living there she took $1000's of his money while still receiving at least food stamps and maybe more. She never reported this income and continued getting benefits. What are the possible penalties?

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If you have physical evidence that she stole the money (and that it wasn't a gift, or earned income for being a care taker or live-in helper), you may want to contact your local police or prosecutor's office: what you described sounds like theft from your father. If she was receiving food stamps or other public assistance benefits at the same time and not reporting her other "income" from your father's home, you could contact your local or state benefits office that distributes Food Stamps and or other public assistance benefits such as unemployment insurance. Fraud is basically hidden lying, cheating, and/or stealing. If she intentionally under-reported her sources of income, she may have committed benefits fraud. Your local district attorney's office can assist in describing the possible penalties. Be careful who you allow to have access to your elderly father - if he still has bank and credit accounts you may want to put "fraud alerts" on these to prevent further attempts to steal from him or use his identity to open new "joint" accounts/lines of credit. If you suspect further mischief, you may want to consult with an attorney to protect your father's interests.

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