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What are the penalties for second DUI? How long will be the suspension of my driver's license?

Bolingbrook, IL |

My first DUI was 2 years ago and I refused the breath test but I told them I had a drink. No one got hurt, I just got pulled over cause of switching lanes.

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A second DUI finding of guilt will result in the revocation of your drivers license as well as 5 days to a possible year in jail and $2,500 fine plus court costs. You are also subject to a 3 year summary suspension of your license. Find yourself an experienced lawyer that practices in your county as there are much more serious consequences now then for your first DUI.

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Eric T. Perry


You can lose your license, pay a couple thousand in fines, a serve jail for a week up to a year depending on severity.

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Any attorney would need more information to determine your rights. You might find my Legal Guide helpful "What Do I Tell My Lawyer"?

No one can know what the record is in the case because online we cannot find out any details. Check with a lawyer in your locale to discuss more of the details.

Good luck to you.

God bless. Best of luck to you.

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I assume you mean that you refused the test this time? Then you have a 3 year suspension and you cannot drive at all for any reason during that 3 years. In addition to a suspension, if you are convicted of the DUI, your license will be revoked for 1 year if this is your first conviction and 5 years if it is your second. Up to 364 days in jail and or a fine of up to $2500.

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