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What are the penalties for driving on a suspended DL while on probation for a DUI in California?

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I got convicted for a DUI back in June 2012... I just got pulled over today For speeding... I was giving a ticket for suspended driver license,speeding and not proof of insurance....I do have the SR-22 tho... Just didn't have the paper with me... I was supposed to have and IID last step to get my DL back...

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If you are convicted of driving on a suspended license that was suspended due to a DUI there is a 10 day minimum for "jail" time. Most courts will allow you to do work release and some may agree to convert that community service hours. The failure to install the IID will likely not go over well with the District Attorney and they may want to violate your DUI probation. If you are convicted of driving on a suspended DL that is DUI specific you will be required to install an IID for that conviction as well.


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It depends on the judge, the jurisdiction, and the terms of your original probation. Many judges will just violate your probation and give you time on the DUI up to the full amount of time you have hanging over you on the probation. Others will violate your probation and give you time on the suspended license. Very, very few will let the probation violation slide. Your best bet is to talk to your PD or hire a private attorney to look at your situation and give you an accurate assessment based on YOUR situation. Good luck.


There are various types of suspensions that can stem from a DUI. A suspension under Vehicle Code Section 14601.2 can carry a 10 day minimum for a first offense. The best course of action is to hire a lawyer to determine what type of suspension you have and whether your local jurisdiction allows for reductions based on getting your license back or other mitigating circumstances.