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What are the noise laws for condos in Chicago, IL?

Chicago, IL |

I live in a self - managed 8 unit condo building in Chicago , IL . My upstairs and downstairs neighbors have a habit of playing their music extremely loud day and night . While we do our best to be tolerant of it , we have a toddler and a baby on the way , and are wondering what our options are . Yesterday , around dinner time , I asked the upstairs neighbor to turn down their music - it had been shaking my kitchen for 3 hours . His reply was that it was early ( 6 pm ) , and that I should call the cops if I wanted it turned down . . . . but if I did he'd retailiate and call DCFS on my family . This person happens to be my association president . While I don't feel that we have any issues that would require DCFS , his comment made me extremely uncomfortable . What are my options ?

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Call your local town/village/city. Ask them about any local ordinance and have them come out to inspect the noise personally. A false report to DCFS is taken seriously and can be prosecuted.