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What are the legal consequences of helping a 15 year old girl run away from Florida and cross state lines?

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Hypothetically speaking, if a girl is 15 years old and you both live in Florida and she wants to run away, what would the legal consequences be of crossing state lines with her to stay with another friend who lives in another state(he's the one who is doing the harboring)?

Please do not give me answers like "jail" or "prison", I'm looking for the specifics as to what the maximum and minimum sentence is for a crime such as this. I've read through the Florida statues and I don't think it qualifies as kidnapping, so what would it be considered?

If you're unsure, can you link me to a place where I can get free legal advice from a lawyer?

The person helping the 15 year old run away is 18. Also, I pasted the question from another question site that I posted on so ignore the last sentence.

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I am going to tell you that a 15 year old girl is a minor. Rather than "helping" her run away, why not think about why she wants to run away. If her home life is dangerous, contact DCF at (800)96-ABUSE. They will intervene and make sure she is safe. It is not ok to "help" a 15 year old run away with an 18 year old. This whole idea is just wrong. Get the professionals involved and back away.


So, you are about to commit a crime, and all you want to know are the minimum and maximum sentences? I suggest that you go to the local law library and do research; the people there might even be able to help you.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq.,


You said you don't want to hear "jail" or "prison" but you're looking to commit a crime. Why not just first look to why she wants to run and see help from agencies that are out there. Better idea, before you act on this, why not speak with a criminal attorney or post this question under criminal law rather than child custody. You can get specific answers that way on minimums and maximums.

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