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What are the laws of emancipation for a 15 year old who is about to be 16 in bexar county tx

San Antonio, TX |

im 15 have my own son and would like to be emancipated my mother does not want me but has cuistody of me and my dad wants custody of me to control my son how can i get emancipated

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I am so sorry that you are going through such a tough time with your parents.

Emancipation comes with marriage, joining the military, or just living on your own and providing for yourself. You don't get an "emancipation certificate" or anything like that. It's just a legal status meaning that you are legally responsible for yourself.

What is your plan once you are emancipated? Are you going to move out, get a job, and fend for yourself? How will you complete your education? Are you positive emancipation is the only route to achieve what you seek?

Please go talk to an adult you can trust about this. A coach, minister, priest, counselor--any stable adult should be able to help you brainstorm some better options and simply cutting out on your own.

Emancipation is a permanent solution to a short-term problem. Please keep that in mind.

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