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What are the laws in Ohio for delinquency of minor(not contributing to delinquency) but laws on parents of delinquent minors?

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My daughter recently ran away,and has been skipping school,she came back but now I've just received a court date for delinquency.The kids here walk to school and even if they are taken to school by car,they either walk right out the other door or just leave when they want.Why are parents being held responsible for these things? Is that not the school's responsibility once they are there? Secondly as a parent What can I do? I can't tether myself to her and go to school with her,and If I try to discipline or ground her,she runs away whether in the middle of the night,on the way to school or back,or as soon as you aren't paying attention for 2 seconds.This is ridiculous that I have to go through this,Please help!!!

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The charge is against your daughter, not you. If it was against you, then it would be a contributing charge, which you state this isn't. However, as a parent you must attend the court hearings with your minor child. You can explain to the court that your child is unruly and does not do what she is told, is a runaway and the other facts that are occurring. This will give the court a better understand of what they need to do to assist in correcting her behavior.

As to the school, what are you doing to communicate with them? Are you working with them to call you if she doesn't show up for the first class? Do you take her to school and walk her into the office so the office can then have her sit there and then have someone walk her to her first class so she doesn't leave? Have you asked her teachers to email you when she skips class? Even though your daughter is at school and they should be taking efforts, you still need to be involved. Schools can only do what they are authorized to do and need parental assistance to make sure everyone is working towards the same goal.

Some children are difficult and hit that age where they listen to no one. It is tough for parents who have such unruly children. Establishing authority is difficult and a constant challenge with some children. If children do not listen, then they need to be brought back into line. She is doing this with her friends would be my guess as kids are social and like to be part of a crowd. Limiting access to her friends should be a first step until she starts to behave.

I have told parents to take away the cellphone, or to turn it off with the provider, as sometimes kids will get an old phone from a friend and activate it when a parent takes it aways. Password protect the computers so she cannot get on the computer without your knowledge. Cutting off her social network may make it better or make it worse.

You may also want to look into counseling for your daughter to see if such may help her understand her deliquent behaviors for what they are and help her correct them.

As it is in juvenile court, you also have a right to court appointed counsel if you qualify to assist you in this matter.

This answer is being provided as general advice only and is not to be relied upon for specific circumstances. By answering the question, no attorney-client relationship is created. As for any matter, it is best to seek consultation in person with an attorney who practices in the area of law in which you are inquiring.



Awesome advice, unfortunately I've tried all that,and it got me nowhere.I've also been told that in Ohio you can no longer put unruly charges on a minor? I'm at my wits end with this

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