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What are the housing code violations

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we have black mold in our walls our ceiling drains when its raining we have holes in our floors due to rain and moisture coming through the leaking window seals my boyfriend has been sick and with a raspy voice and is in the process of getting blood work to see if he has black mold in his system . i have a constant migrain and tired all day long we are in the process of getting lawyer

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If you believe there are health and safety issues with your unit, you should report it to the housing department. An inspector will come by and make a report. Be sure to consult your own attorney to protect your legal rights.


More importantly, it is a health risk to continue to live in such conditions. If you want to argue constructive eviction to move and terminate the tenancy, you need to act relatively soon after learning of the health problem. Assuming the problem is extensive enough that the landlord cannot remedy the situation promptly, you may want to move.

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