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What are the ground for suing for slander, libel, defimation of character and emotional distress.

Suffield, CT |

I am being accused of breaking into 2 cars at a school that I don't even go to. One of the kids filed a report with my name and two of my friends names even though we had absolutly nothing to do with it. The school also has been saying that they are leaning tward a kid from Suffield CT. Once again I had nothing to do with this situation as I live an hour away from the school and do not have a vehichle

Also there are 3 kids who have been telling everyone that I was paid to do it.

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The two elements that a claimant must prove in a defamation case are harm to one’s reputation and a false statement. Defamation is divisible into the categories of libel, usually printed forms of defamation, and slander, which is usually comprised of oral statements.

If you are arrested and subsequently can prove (1) that you were found not guilty or that the case concluded because the State’s Attorney decided not to prosecute, and (2) there was no probable cause and (3) that the complaining party acted with malice, you have an action for malicious prosecution.

You should consult with an attorney to learn more and because you will need obtain and preserve evidence if you might want to proceed with a lawsuit.

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