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What are the fees and costs associated with incorporating a small business

Norfolk, VA |
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There are many fees associated with incorporating. There are fees if you have an attorney prepare the documentation for you and those depend on each attorney. There are state filing fees for incorporating. To determine what the state fees are you should check with the department of corporations for the state where you want to incorporate to determine what fees you are required to pay the state to file the business formation documents.

Remember that you will also need an FEIN and a corporate book.


I've been setting up corporations and LLC's for more than 30 years. We charge $387 + state filing fee for a total incorporation or LLC. This includes filing with the state, all documents to complete the organization and a corporate or LLC binder with certificates, instructions for operating the LLC. State filing fees vary for example Oregon is $50; Washington is $175 and Idaho is $100.

You can find some services on the internet for less but they usually only provide part of the service needed. Most lawyers charge in the range of $500 to $1500 to set up a corporation or LLC. We have streamlined the process and can do it for less.

Some states require business licenses, etc., but some states don't. Washington for example has a general business license required of all businesses, whether incorporated or not, and then special business icenses depending on the type of business you have.

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