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What are the differences between simple assault, simple battery, Aggravated assault and Aggravated battery?

Mount Vernon, WA |

I am a law student in Washington state and am working on a paper about what a person could be charged with in a certain situation. I think that I have my answer but I am also required to give MY states definitions of all possible charges. I mananged to find the definition for simple assault and aggravated assault but have yet to find anything on battery or aggravated battery. Any help would be great.


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Washington state uses the term "Assault" for all criminal charges involving use of force or even threats of force. Washington classifies Assault charges by degree - 1st degree being the highest/most serious, 4th degree being the lowest. All assault/physical harm offenses are set out in RCW 9A.36. Washington state does not specifically use the term "Aggravated Assault," although there are factors that could be added on to the assault charge that could be termed "aggravating factors" (such as use of a deadly weapon during the assault). These aggravating factors can be used to enhance the sentence of a person who is convicted. There is no Washington state criminal law for the crime of "Battery."