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What are the customary fees and expenses that are involved in a real estate property purchase with cash, no mortgage. no loan.

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what are the customary fees and expenses that are involved in a real estate property purchase with cash, no mortgage. no loan. what is the property cost about 17,000 dollars. how much would the buyer who is paying for the closing cost to expect to pay at the closing table per se.

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Some fees are fixed, others vary depending on your local area, and most are negotiable. You should contact an experienced real estate attorney in your locals area to represent you in connection with this transaction. Said attorney can look out for your best interest and make sure your transaction costs are reasonable.

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I agree with my colleague. It depends on region of the country, complexity of your case and attorney's experience. Do consult with a real estate attorney in your area for guidance.

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A lawyer (or a title company if you want to buy title insurance) in the county in which the property is located can give you information on the costs of the closing.

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Attorneys fees are usually between $500 and $600.00. As the buyer, you will get a credit for the real estate taxes from the seller, reducing the amount of cash to bring to closing. The other costs are usually courier and wire, will depend on your contract. Lastly, the title insurance policy is usually a seller cost in Broward, however will depend on your contract. Have an attorney assist you.